Earn income by recommending Finulite to others!

Earn 20-40% commission every time a visitor you refer purchases one or more of our products.

We would like to invite you to join the Finulite Affiliate Program. If you currently own a website that has anything to do with women, cellulite, skin care, weight-loss, or merely one that reviews various products, you could be earning extra money by joining our affiliate program.

Our program pays you a full 20-40% commission on each product sale. For each visitor you send us, you could earn as much as $19.98 for each product they purchase. Earn a 40% commission on our three different Finulite packages: the 30-day supply, the 3-month supply and the 6-month supply. What could be easier than that!

Why  join the Finulite Affiliate program?

  • We do all the work for you – sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Your code ensures you get full credit for the sale. Our affiliate tracking system through E-Junkie means that you will get your commission every time.
  • 20-40% Commission on every purchase!
  • Easy, no-fuss method to sign up.
  • You are promoting Finulite, a product that can help make a difference for women dealing with cellulite. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Your commission will be paid monthly (around the 15th), the subsequent month after the sale and deposited directly to your PayPal account.
  • No minimum earnings are required and no penalties for months without earnings.

How do you sign up?

There are 4 easy steps to get your Affiliate code. We will go through each of these steps in further detail below.

1. Set up a Free PayPal account

If you don’t already have one, set up a free PayPal account so we can securely send you your commission payments.

2. Register as Affiliate at E-Junkie

Use this link to register wtih E-Junkie Affiliates. You will see the following screen. Follow the red outline boxes to register and then log into your account where it is highlighted in green.
Photo of Ejunkie Register Affiliate

Finulite Affiliate Program

3. Getting the Affiliate Product Codes

Once logged in you should see this screen. Click the second option (outlined in red below) “Get Affiliate Code”.

Photo of Ejunkie Affliliate Interface

4. Selecting the Merchant and Obtaining the Product Codes

The next screen should present you with a dropdown menu of your merchants. If you are new, Finulite should be your only Merchant. Select us and click “Get Product Code” (see example in red below).

Finulite Affiliate Program - Photo of Ejunkie Get Merchant Code

Using the Codes

After selecting Finulite and clicking “Affiliate Code” you will be presented with the following screen where you can select the codes you would like to use. There are two type of codes, the Common Affiliate Hop Link (outllined in red) and Product Specific Codes (outlined in green).

Photo of Ejunkie Product Codes

If you want to use the Common Affiliate Hop Link, simply copy the Affiliate Hop Link code (from the yellow box) and use it on your website or in emails to receive 20-40% commission on every referral! Any time a buyer clicks on the link, they’ll be taken to our sales page and a cookie (valid for 6 months) will ensure that you get credit, even if they return to my website without going through your link, at a later date to make the purchase.

To use Product Specific Codes to promote individual products, select the appropriate product from the drop-down menu and click “Get Affilliate Code”. You will then be presented with a screen which will give you the Common Affiliate Hop Link Code and Direct Sale Button Codes.

Note: You cannot sign up for the program just to get a 40% rebate on your purchase. The affiliate commission will NOT be paid if an affiliate buys the product himself, unless there have been at least three previous sales made through your affiliate link each month.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help or have questions. We welcome you to our family!

The Finulite Sales and Marketing Team