Finulite Before and After | Real Results and Testimonials

I have had cellulite since I was 16. It was so bad and I was so embarrassed by it that growing up I refused to wear shorts – even in the scorching 100 degree desert heat! One day my friend at work showed me a new product called finulite. She’d been using it for two weeks and I totally saw a difference! That night I went online and compared a bunch of products – Finulite had all the right ingredients to really treat cellulite, and to top it off, it was AFFORDABLE! I gave it a shot and like my friend, after 2 weeks of using Finulite I had firmer skin. Now, after 6 months most of my cellulite is gone (see my finulite before and after pics) and I am wearing shorts again! Thank you Finulite!
Karly J. -Las Vegas, NV

Finulite Before and After
Results after 6 Months

“I’ve always had stubborn cellulite on my hips and the backs of my thighs. When I first heard of Finulite I was skeptical. I had ordered a cellullite treatment online before and didn’t have a good experience. The product did not have any affect on my cellulite and ended up costing me a fortune after the trial period, (not to mention it was a hassle to cancel.) But with Finulite the price was in my budget so I gave it a shot. I applied it as directed and I was so happy to see a difference within 2 weeks that I continued using the product. 3 months later look at how far I’ve come! Finulite AM/PM creates miracles!”
Bonnie P.–Ashland, OH

Finulite Before and After

Results after 3 months of treatment

“No matter how much I worked out, or how healthy my diet, the cellulite on the back of my thighs seems to keep getting worse! I’m in great shape and the rest of my body looks hot but that one area always takes the spotlight. A girl at my gym told me about Finulite AM/PM, and since she had perfectly toned and firm thighs, I decided to give it a shot. I am shocked at how well the Finulite formula works. My thighs look so much better, and I’ve only been using the cream for a month! I don’t think I’ll ever stop using this product–it’s great!”
Jessica D.–Oceanside, CA

Finulite Before and After

Results after 1 Month Treatment

“Being 44, I thought I was way too old to do anything with my flabby, rear end but Finulite AM/PM has proven me wrong! My sister, obsessed with aging (at 28) has been pushing products at me for years – the most recent, Finulite. She had been using it for two weeks and would not stop ranting and raving about it so on a whim I decided to check it out. Two months later I am a believer! The cream made a big difference in how my bottom looked and felt. And sis has stopped pushing new products my way! We’re hooked on Finulite!”
Rosalee S. –Ogden, UT

Finulite Before and After

Results after 2 months of treatment

“Finulite is the best cellulite cream that I’ve ever tried! For years, I tried product after product that claimed to reduce cellulite, and never found one that worked. I hated the orange-peel skin on my thighs and really wished that something would actually work! Thankfully, I found Finulite. It is easy to use and I really like the separate AM and PM formulas. My thighs are already firmer and less dimply after just a few weeks. I’m so excited!”
Ashley Iverson–Cambridge, MA

After just 2 weeks of using finulite day & nite I can already see results. Finally an affordable, easy-to-use treatment that actually works! My skin feels firmer, tighter and looks smoother. Thanks for a great product!
Angela R.–Orange County, CA

“I’ve been using Finulite AM/PM for 20 days and I can’t believe that I’m already beginning to see results. I’m really glad I found this cellulite cream because I had been thinking about the surgical route. Now I can naturally get rid of cellulite with finulite. I hope it keeps working, but so far I like what I see. I can see a big difference in the cellulite on my thighs and butt compared to how it looked and felt before I started using the product. The cellulite is still there, but the hard dimply skin has softened up and it feels much firmer and a lot smoother. For the very first time I’m actually feeling optimistic about losing my cellulite!
Elizabeth Johnston–Spokane, WA