Simply put, it is the uneven buildup of fat cells that causes dimples and lumps on your skin. This condition affects over 85% of women of all shapes and sizes, and happens when fat cells become enlarged, breaking down and pulling on the connective fibers that hold your skin together. But how does this process begin? And can anything be done to stop it? Read on to learn about the various stages of formation as well as what can be done to prevent further damage to your skin.

How is it formed?
There are three stages of cellulite formation. For effective reduction a treatment must address the three stages and target the effects of each of the stages. Let’s start first by looking at what these 3 stages of formation involve:

STAGE 1: Fat accumulation and fluid retention – accumulations of fat and fluids cause cells to swell up to 500 times their normal size. Creating pockets of fat, these cells enlarge with excess fat and water, expanding and pushing the skin upwards creating ripples and lumps. This is the beginning of cellulite. As these areas continue to retain water, blood becomes increasingly stagnant due to poor circulation making the removal of these fat deposits difficult.

STAGE 2: Toxins and inflammation – Accumulation of fat and water leads to inflammation in the tissues. These inflamed tissues accumulate fat-soluble waste by-products and toxins, causing further water retention. This viscous cycle of inflammation and water retention is what greatly disrupts cellular metabolism and eventually leads us into the final stage.

STAGE 3: Scar tissue (fibrosis) and loss of firmness or skin tone – As fluid and fat continue to expand the skin, connective tissues becomes thin, weak and loose, creating deformations to the skin including indentations, sagginess and scarring. The end result of all this – what we are left with – is cottage cheese like, lumpy, flabby skin, that is sensitive to touch and easy to bruise.


For effective reduction, a treatment must address each of the stages above. It should prevent the fat accumulation and fluid retention of stage 1, release the toxins and diminish the inflammation from stage 2 and strengthen the connective tissues to prevent stage 3. When choosing the a treatment for reduction, be sure to find one with active ingredients that target each of the steps of cellulite formation to achieve permanent, lasting results.

Finulite has proven active ingredients necessary for reduction. Completely targeting all three stages of formation, Finulite Cellulite Cream will help you achieve permanent results that last.